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William Cross, FSA Scot, Writer and Researcher

Death of Lord Carnarvon Sensation
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Death of Lord Carnarvon Sensation
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Tutankhamun's Patron As A Young Man 

Sloppy Record Of  Lord Carnarvon’s Death in 1923


Death Certificate Has Many Errors


The death certificate of George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon, certified on 5 April 1923 by Fletcher Barrett,  MB BS (London), a Cairo physician,  contains numerous errors including blunders over the 5th Earl’s name, date of birth and the duration of his last illness. Lord Carnarvon’s name is given as Henry George Stanhope instead of George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert. Lord Carnarvon’s date of birth is given as 22 June 1865 instead of 26 June 1866. The duration of the final illness is given as 8 days instead of  the 19 days i.e between 18 March and 5 April 1923.  Moreover the evidence suggests the mishap with the mosquito must have been on  before 14 March 1923, since Carnarvon left Luxor ( for Cairo ) that day. The cause of death is given as  “Pneumonia”.  Legend records of course that this was the consequence of  blood-poisoning caused by the bite of an insect, probably a mosquito, at Luxor during the excavations.  


The testimony of Almina,  the wife of George Herbert, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon,  revealed for the first time in the book Lordy! Tutankhamun’s Patron As A Young Man, by William Cross, FSA Scot  now discredits the fable of  1923.


Moreover, the tall tales perpetrated at the same time of a dog dying mysteriously, the  overlap of  power cuts in Cairo  and apparitions appearing rank as examples of the relentless out pouring of  scurrilousness and deception and hokum, fuelled by the allure by journalists for a frivolous story and  which  helped the Carnarvon family dodge the sadly harrowing truth. 


Some notable physicians were summoned to Cairo’s Continental Hotel to relieve the Earl of Carnarvon's final suffering. These men included Dr William Fletcher- Barrett and  Dr Frank Cole Madden as well as Carnarvon’s own attendant, Dr Marcus Johnston. 


They  did all that medical science knew to provide palliative care. The Earl’s respiration was artificially maintained as long as possible and his heart  was stimulated.  But medical science could not cure him.


Carnarvon's wife, Almina was not present at first during the Earl’s last trip to open the tomb. But the Countess travelled at speed to Egypt to be at her husband’s side. “ I am a nurse, my place is beside my husband” she exclaimed.  Almina could do nothing, she knew the terrible  truth about Carnarvon’s final savage illness. 


Lady Evelyn Herbert was terrified that an account of Lord Carnarvon’s health situation would appear in the newspapers. There had to be a smokescreen to divert attention away from the real facts being reported, the Curse of Tutankhamun was born, but the Curse of the Carnarvons had only just begun. 



Almina ignored the accounts of bites and curses; no historian or commentator ever noted her input on the Egyptian years until long after her death....but she was none the less fascinated by the published material on her husband and Carter. She was blase about some, but overtly hostile to others remarking..that the narratives were often inaccurate. She declared "it was nothing like, nothing like that at all"......   Now, at long last the truth can be revealed in this book. “ Lordy!” 


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