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William Cross, FSA Scot, Writer and Researcher

About William Cross
Catherine Wendell
Latest Book on Catherine Wendell and Tillly Losch
Not Behind Lace Curtains : The Hidden World of Evan, Lord Tredegar
Aspects of Evan : The Last Viscount Tredegar:New Book
Death of Lord Carnarvon Sensation
Lordy! Tutankhamun's Patron As A Young Man
A Beautiful Nuisance : A New Book by Monty Dart and William Cross
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Morgan Family of Tredegar House, Newport, South Wales


Not Behind Lace Curtains : The Hidden World of Evan, Viscount Tredegar  : An illustrated talk based on William Cross's two books on  Hon. Evan Frederic Morgan, ( 1893-1949) the last Viscount Tredegar.   A great liar and eccentric.


The Court Martial of Major ( substantive Captain )  Evan Morgan, Viscount Tredegar of the Scots Gurads, in 1943 for offences against the Official Secrets Acts. 


The Five Lady Tredegars: An illustrated talk that spans the 19th and 20th centuries using a unique collection of images from the life and times of Rosamond Mundy, Lady Katherine Carnegie, Hon. Lois Sturt, Princess Olga Dolgorouky and Joanna Law-Smith.


All the Lord Tredegars In One Talk : An illustrated talk about the six Lords Tredegar. Charles (1859-1875), Godfrey ( 1875-1913 ), Courtenay ( 1913-1934), Evan ( 1934-1949), Frederic ( 1949-1954) and John ( 1954-1962).   How one family dynasty in South Wales was regenerated in 1792 and finally became extinct in 1962.


Poor Gwyneth : An illustrated talk on Hon. Gwyneth Ericka Morgan, ( 1895-1924)  the  subject of A Beautiful Nuisance,  a book by Monty Dart and Will Cross.  The story of a wasted life and a horrendous death.


The Six Daughters of Rosamond Mundy, the first Lady Tredegar: The Morgans of Tredegar House died out on the male line in 1962. However there remain today several branches of the Morgan dynasty from these remarkable daughters.


The Herberts of Highclere Castle and Downton Abbey Fame


The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon, 5th Countess of Carnarvon : an illustrated talk based on William Cross's biography of the Countess. A tale of riches to rags.       


Catherine and Tilly : Porchey Carnarvon’s Two Duped Wives : The tragic tales of the American beauty, Catherine Wendell and the Austrian Dancer Tilly Losch, who were both married to Henry, Sixth Earl of Carnarvon of Highclere Castle. An illustrated talk of the life and times of Catherine, Tilly and Porchey based on William Cross’s latest book on the Carnarvons.


Lady Carnarvon's Nursing Homes: Nursing the privileged in Wartime and Peace :   The remarkable story of how Highclere Castle was turned in a Military Hospital in the Great War and how this led to Lady Carnarvon opening up other hospitals ( largely for the rich, famous and Royal patients ) between 1914 and 1943.


Lordy!  Lord George Carnrvon,  5th Earl of Tutankhamun fame : His troubles as a Young Man and in later life his discovery of a great treasure. An illustrated talk based on William Cross's book Tutankhamun's Patron As Young Man leading to his finest hour as the co-discoverer with Howard Carter of the Tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt in 1922.


Fees for 2014 : Talks 35.00  each ( NP19 and NP 20 postcodes ). Outside NP postcodes, there will be additional travel  ( usually train and taxi ) costs.   




Will is available to offer talks, lectures, presentations and tutorials on a variety of topics.
Contact him for details by e-mail at

Talks include:
The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon - An illustrated overview of the 5th Countess of Carnarvon.
Lady Carnarvon's Nursing Homes : An illustrated talk on Almina's 40 years as the founder of The National Wealth Service.
The Dustbin Case : The story of the lurid Court scandal of 1925.
Lordy : The Story of George Herbert - 5th Lord Carnarvon : Co-discoverer of Tutankhamun's Tomb
The Five Lady Tredegars of Tredegar House, Newport
Robert Cross - The Forgotten Naturalist - the story of the chinchona and rubber expeditions of Robert McKenzie Cross of Kew Gardens. 1858-1911.