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William Cross, FSA Scot, Writer and Researcher

A Beautiful Nuisance : A New Book by Monty Dart and William Cross
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A Beautiful Nuisance : A New Book by Monty Dart and William Cross
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A Beautiful Nuisance

The Life and Death of Hon. Gwyneth Ericka Morgan

By Monty Dart and William Cross

Strong characters have imperfections: they can never compromise. Gwyneth Morgan could never compromise. The shadow of chaos threatened her from birth.

Beautiful, wealthy, witty, but unbalanced, her family was popular only because they were rich and had close links to the British Royal Family.

Gwyneth was the daughter of a Welsh coal baron; her mother was from an old aristocratic Scottish family. Launched as a stunning debutante, Gwyneth enjoyed but more endured the rituals of the London and Highland Society in the years before and after the First World War.

She had an unconventional streak, earning a reputation as a bohemian. Struck down by ill-health from the excesses of high living and travel, she was caught up with dangerous people of whom her family disapproved.

With increasing concern Gwyneth was forced to spend her last years as a virtual prisoner moving between locations. Under medical supervision from a Society doctor, the harsh regime imposed became unbearable.

She disappeared into a London fog in 1924; her badly decomposed body was pulled from the River Thames 5 months later. Where did she go? What happened? How did she die?

This book explains why Gwyneth (once dubbed “a beautiful nuisance”) was airbrushed  history. The life and death of Gwyneth Ericka Morgan” is full of surprises - the tale of a rich girl who may have paid the ultimate price to maintain her family’s coveted place in high Society.

ISBN 10 1-905914-10-5

ISBN 13 978-1-905914-10-4

William P. Cross

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United Kingdom



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